Contract Manufacturing & Co-Packing Solutions

Specializing in Custom and Private Label Liquid, Topical, and Personal Care Products.

Our Mission

KO-Pack helps brands source, manufacture, store, and ship hair care, skincare, and men’s grooming products with a focus on high quality, efficiency, and flexibility so that brands can focus on marketing and selling the products that their customers love.

Liquid Contract Filling

With state of the art equipment and specialty partnerships we specialize in liquid filling projects of all sizes.

Fulfillment Services

You have orders and we can ship them. From large ecommerce brands to small B2B orders, we are always shipping.


If your brand has a lot of Build of Materials Parts for your products and your limited full time staff can’t keep up… then we can help.


Warehouse space is expensive and you are locked into a 3+ year lease. Let us use our expansive and efficient space to store your products so you can focus on growing your brand instead of expenses.

Product Development

You might have a recipe made already or you might need help developing that recipe – we can do that. Not sure the best packaging for your product… we have you covered.

Digital Services

From Shopify to Amazon, we are your partner in the ecommerce and digital space. We manage multiple #1 category best sellers and have developed dozens of high converting websites.


Years of Experience

Our team is composed of over 30 years in combined consumer packaged goods experience. Working in organizations from start ups to near $1 Billion exits.


Full Supply Chain Support

KO-Pack offers full service supply chain support so that you can focus on growing your brand and managing the relationships that will get you where you want to go – KO-Pack will handle the rest.


Start Ups to 9 Figures

Whether you are a start up or a company ready for acquisition or  simply experiencing fast growth, we have the capacity, resources, and experience to get you to that next level.

What to expect.

KO-Pack exists because as experienced brand builders, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, salesmen, and investors – we saw a massive need. So many companies start because of a great idea, product, and brand but often fail because they don’t always know what they don’t know. 

After walking the path for so long and riding that same roller coaster, we have learned a thing or two about product development, manufacturing, and fulfillment… and we want to pass that experience on to our clients.

By eliminating the learning curve and offering affordable and scalable solutions, KO-Pack helps companies and their supply chain go from good to great.

Launch your products today!

Streamline Your Supply Chain

Our services are built to fit your needs and scale in an organized and efficient manner. KO-Pack offers affordable and valuable solutions for all of your challenges.

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